Team Moryl Purchasing Process


  • Go to and hit apply now or go to from mobile device and apply.
  • Either Brad or Brandon will reach out and set an appointment (in person or phone consult) to go over the process further.
  • Brad might reach out to request additional docs in order to have as much ready prior to our meeting.
  • We will meet and at this point I will go over things like earnest money, home inspections, current market conditions, cash to close, appraisal, current rates, budget and pre-approval amount.
  • Now that you are pre approved you’re ready to get with a Realtor and start looking for homes!!
  • Now that you found the home and it’s under contract we will go over numbers (decide amount down, 15yr vs 30yr, ect. . . ) and initial loan disclosures will be sent out and can be e-signed.
  • Now that disclosures are signed and files set up, from here your main contact will be Donna. Donna will handle collecting additional documents and send them to underwriting.
  • We like to get the appraisal ordered asap but not before home inspection negotiations are completed. Please let Donna, Brad and Brandon know when negotiations are done and appraisal is ready to be ordered.
  • We aim to submit to underwriting two times. One right away with the hopes of a conditional approval. If we get a conditional approval we will collect any remaining documents needed and submit for final approval. Please get these remaining documents needed to Donna within 24 hours.
  • As soon as appraisal is complete and we have conditional approval we will get the ICD out (Initial Closing Disclosure). These are not final numbers but they are important because they start a 3 day waiting period that doesn’t begin until these docs are signed.  This doesn’t mean you will close 3 days later but it does start the clock and opens it up to the potential to close after the 3 day wait.
  • Once we receive final clear to close then the closing date will be set and title company and my team will prepare final numbers and give wiring instructions.
  • You sign 1.945 Million documents at closing and then the keys are yours!!



Members of Team Moryl


            Brandon                                   Brad                               Donna                                     Melanie                                Shawna

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